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The Hartford Artery Creative Space located in the Greater Hartford area, opened its doors in 2022 with the vision of Professional Artist, dancer, designer, and social media influencer Che' La'Mora & DJ, builder/designer, and promoter James A. Johnson III (J3 The Builder).


The Hartford Artery houses both creatives as a full time studio space but it doubles as a venue for the community to partake in events that are fun, dynamic and unique. This space boasts of 1400 square feet. They host open mics, karaoke events, dance parties, art shows, movie nights, private events and more! It is the goal of T.H.A. Space (The Hartford Artery Creative Space) to expose the community to the arts, one event at a time.

Hartford Artery events are as diverse as our guests. They provide a safe, and secure space for individuals to be their authentic selves.

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